We live in an incredible time of personalization: we have personal recommendations for music or cosmetics that take into account the individual characteristics of the skin.
At the same time, we are forced to buy clothes of standard sizes, which make us think that the clothes do not fit because of the problem body. This is wrong!
I wanted to create a clothing brand that would change women's attitudes towards clothing for the better! Therefore, I chose the concept for the BYURSE brand - Made-to-Measure.
It's about more than just custom tailoring. We are trying to make life easier for our customers and save your time. Who wants to try on 30 dresses in search of the perfect one, if
we will sew one that will fit your figure exactly, and you will wear it for years?
I am of the opinion that business in the fashion industry should not harm the environment.
I am proud that BYURSE helps solve the problem of unnecessary waste in the fashion industry, eliminating the factor of "inappropriate size" and overproduction.
The creation of your ideal image begins with a meeting in our showroom - in a chamber atmosphere, for a pleasant conversation and a cup of coffee.
We choose the perfect cut, fabric, accessories and take measurements.




How much does custom tailoring cost?

The cost differs slightly from the cost of finished products.
The following factors influence the price:
material, fittings, model complexity and urgency.

What are the production times?

Up to 10 business days. The product is made according to individual measurements, it requires a lot of attention and hours of manual work of our tailor.
We treat every order carefully. But of course, we go to a meeting and can fulfill your order much earlier if necessary.

Will I be able to choose exactly what I need?


Of course! We have such a wide variety of models that it is more likely to be a problem to choose a specific one.

Can I get advice from a BYURSE brand designer?


Not a problem! You just need to sign up for a fitting in our showroom by phone: +38 050 678 2224

And if it doesn't suit me, what did I order?


We have completed more than 12,000 individual orders and never before. But, if suddenly you become the first dissatisfied client, I will do everything to fix it.

What materials are BYURSE products made of?


We work only with trusted European suppliers of premium fabrics and accessories.

I'm allergic to synthetics.


We work only with natural, blended fabrics. Such as wool, cotton, silk, viscose. Contains only 5% elastane.
It is this amount of impurity that retains the color, shape, durability and sufficient elasticity for comfortable use of the product.

Is it possible to fit the finished product to the shape?


Of course! While you are drinking coffee in our showroom, we can perfectly adjust the products according to your parameters.

Thank you for choosing BYURSE.


Yours Sergey Barannikov, brand creator and designer.