For many years I have not abandoned the desire to create clothes that will tell the world that the WOMAN'S BODY IS A WORK OF ART!
I wanted to emphasize that girls are special, strong and gentle, sensual and creative, deep, that thanks to them our life is filled with energy.
This is how the BYURSE brand and unique sheath dresses appeared, which have no analogues in the world.
For the second decade I am happy to see your smiles, glowing eyes and genuine delight from our outfits.
Returning from year to year, you help to understand that my dream to make the world more beautiful has brought you a lot of joy too!
Is this your first time with us?

Then you should definitely know that my super professional team and I are fans of quality tailoring.
With the help of cut, reliefs and undercuts, we create real wonders in the visualization of the figure.
BYURSE's mission is to emphasize that every girl is special and unique!
Therefore, our clothes are distinguished by anatomical cut lines and perfect fit.
We have managed to emphasize every detail of your body: be it a curve of the body, an open back, thin collarbones or
delicate hands - without vulgarity, but only with a subtle, sensual hint.
By the way, you will never find here synthetics, cheap accessories, uneven seams, protruding threads, boring colors and banal models.
We will not recommend what does not suit you!
We stand for honesty towards ourselves and our clients!
Thank you for choosing BYURSE.
Yours Sergey Barannikov, brand creator and designer.